Monday, July 30, 2012


Today's post has been brought to you by the letter S, for squirrels.

I've been doing my annual deep-cleaning in order to prep for a hectic school year, and it's amazing the things I've discovered about my children in the process. Mainly that they stash things they want to play with or want to hide either from me or their other siblings for later in the most interesting places.

The couch and chair cushions in the living room are the most popular. Just in these four pieces of furniture I've found:

1. The pair of sandals they always fight over (fashion is important to them?).
2. Three whole chocolate bars.
3. A piece of pizza.
4. Donkey Kong Country (presumably stuck there the last time I removed it from their posession).
5. 16 batteries on full charge (I get the kind you can check the charge on, for this very reason).
6. 8 pairs of socks.
7. Extra bullets for their Nerf guns.
8. A bag of pistachios.
9. A missing iPod.
10. Five dollars.
11. 8.32 in change (they always take coins when they find them for their piggy bank, but since they broke that they must have found this option to be more lucrative and practical - the other day at the movie theater Will paid for a race car video game without my knowledge. Must have accessed the stash).

I've often thought to myself, "WHERE did they get THAT?" Now I know. The stash.

I wish I were half as resourceful as they are when I was a kid!

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