Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never, ever give up!

I just had a little bit of a breakthrough. I have an A in Chemistry (so far). I have NEVER gotten A's on assignments in Chemistry.

I have always thought I wasn't good at math and science, and true - they are not my strengths. I don't enjoy studying them, I don't grasp the concepts easily. I pretty much suck at them in every way imaginable.

*But*, this time when I take this course, I am taking a different approach. I am tirelessly, relentlessly exhausting every tool at my disposal to "get" concepts I don't understand. I'm stopping at nothing to achieve my goal, true, lasting comprehension of the topics we cover. From asking friends in class to making my younger, smarter brother my personal chemistry problem call center, I've found the secret to my success. Not only in this, but a life-lesson in how to achieve goals.

Never, EVER give up just because it is the 'easy' way out. Don't let a roadblock stop you. The only thing that should ever stop us is God's leading. When I feel a profound sense of unease about taking a certain project on, I do not move forward. But this was something I knew I needed to accomplish, and to knock out of the park.

So much of re-building after a painful divorce involves finding yourself, being able to accurately measure your abilities, and see your true potential. When we look past the labels we were given before and especially during and after the divorce handed to us from our exes, we can tend to lean toward an "empty shell" personality. When we live vibrantly, seeking out color and light wherever we go, and contributing to the joy of others through honest, fearless interaction seasoned with grace, there are no limits to our achievements.


  1. Cheers to this! And congratulations on the high chemistry marks. That's huge!

  2. And also... check out this awesome contest my client is having - you could rock that as well.

  3. Will do, Alaina! Good to have you back. <3

  4. Aunt SharonMarch 25, 2011

    I am so very proud of you! Your challenges and accomplishments just bring tears to my eyes. And what I like the most? Your positive attitude and the way you approach the challenges with such grace. The brain can do its job more efficiently when we are calm. I learned that a LONG time ago. Anger doesn't get one very far.