Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Day, Updated.

Since the last time I posted, my days have changed SUBSTANTIALLY. It's gone from super-crazy to super-crazier. The thing I get asked most often by readers is, "How do you do it?" I'll let you in on the super duper secret on-goings of the household as of now. Ok, so they're not so secret. :) But, if you wonder how someone else gets through their day, this is pretty close to how my normal day rolls.

I've had to completely re-focus on keeping up my home. With the kids getting older and a little bit easier to manage during the day, it is possible for me to keep most things up now.

Because I'm busy, I'm not going to re-list allll of these things, so here are my recurring tasks/activities in a list form.


Dishes, take out the trash (which is actually quite the production, I have to wait until the kids are asleep to go outside, they like to follow), wipe down bathroom and kitchen, clean the dining room table with Pledge, one load of laundry to completion, vacuum all carpet (sometimes twice), get the mail, and clear clutter from the car.


Mondays -  Meal Planning Day and Grocery Store.
Tuesday - Yoga Day, college classes, and Will's Preschool.
Wednesday - Spin Class.
Thursday - Yoga, Preschool, college classes and Bible study.
Friday - House Deep Cleaning Day, Date Night.
Saturday - Homework day and Photo Shoots.
Sunday - Church, Lunch with Family, and a Complicated Dinner (something that I would only make once a week because it takes so long!).

If you want to read another play-by-play of a full day... this part of the blog is for you! LOL

Typical Tuesday:

7:30am - Wake up and get ready before the kiddos wake up. I have actually been doing everything... hair, makeup, the works EVERY day unless I am going to the gym. Throw down the coffee.

8:00 am - Go in and get the kids up, dressed, teeth and hair brushed. Giggle at how excited Will gets when his teeth are clean. "Do they sparkle, Mommy? Good job Will!!!!" Oh, the adorableness.

8:30 am am- Get breakfast in the wee people. This Tuesday it was waffles with strawberries and cream. They devoured it and begged for more!

9:00 am- Play legos or trains with the boys, whichever seems more fun at the moment. It's a subjective decision.

9:30 am- Attempt to leave for the gym to be a half hour early for yoga class.

10:10 am - Miserably fail in leaving on time due to unforseen problems such as losing one shoe... then realizing my keys must also be where this shoe is because they are gone, too! Get there 10 minutes after my target time, and have to wait in the now enormous line while trying to keep all three boys from running away.

10:30 - Class begins. I quickly realize that I'm not as flexible as I once was, and promptly pull a muscle that will make me want to say "ouchie" through the rest of the class. Out loud.

11:30 - Attempt to wrangle all the boys to the car after class is over... chase them around the exit for about 10 minutes before deciding to physically carry them all one by one to the car pulled up to the building. Yes, I'm in the way and parked in a no-parking zone, but if anyone comes up to me and tells me to move the car to a "real" parking spot while I load the boys, I'll just give them the look of death and hand them a screaming child. That should solve the problem.

11:55 am - Arrive at home and start getting lunch ready while listening to my new ipod. Unfortunately, it was a tad too loud while making sandwiches because I didn't notice the boys getting into the cabinet and eating my entire stash of chocolate. I must have been really getting down with my bad self. Darnit. Note to self: keep the funk in check while the boys are prowling.

12:00 pm - get the wee ones rounded up for lunch. Pray with them before the meal - and listen to all the amazing things their little hearts have stored up. I just love this part of the day!!! Will - "Dear Jesus, thank you for Thomas and hot dogs and cotton candy and chocolate and Percy, and James, and Gordon..." all while the twins repeat in unison, "AAAAMEN! AAAAMEN!" LOVE IT!

12:20 pm - get all the kiddos whisked into the car and take Will to Preschool. Thankfully it's only 5 minutes away. ;)

12:40 pm - make it back home and get the twinners entertained with something so I can clean up the lunch mess.

12:45 pm- crawl around on my hands and knees picking up whatever food the little darlings chucked during their meal, and put the gooey mess on a plate over and over again. Least favorite part of the day.

1:00 pm - play dinosaurs with the boys while I try to vaccuum at the same time. This is harder than it looks, though the noise makes a convincing T-rex sound.

1:30 pm - try to convince the boys to come downstairs and "help" me move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Hand them each piece, knowing that even though it takes three times as long it sure is cute that they want to help, and I'm going to encourage their interest in housework in any way I can!

2:00 pm - start to move them all into quiet time mode. Now that they don't really nap, I spend an hour with them in their room and try to keep them quiet for just an hour. We read a lot (Biscuit is their favorite), and when they start getting noisy or get off their bed I stop reading, which so far is an effective deterrent.

2:45 pm - get the twins back into the car to pick Will up from Preschool. I refuse to be the mother whose kid looks around aimlessly while all the other kids leave because I was late, so I am incredibly punctual with this task. Even if the twins were doused in pickle juice 3 seconds before we left, I'd toss them in the car and wait for my little man. They could always be changed later. ;)

3:30 pm - Get all the kiddos in the door, strategically avoiding the bikes stored in the garage... major temptation! Walk them all upstairs and promise book, then TRY to get them to take a nap. If they don't, then at least it sure gets a lot of calories burned by my running up and down the stairs. The little stinkers escape and I have to put them back down in bed about 30 times before either they give up or naptime is over.

4:30 pm - Start working on dinner. Realize that if I am not careful, I will eat half of it before it is done. I love new recipes, but I hate my chubby waistline!!! :)

5:00 pm - Deal with any kiddos that woke up - they tend to scream for a long time when they awaken, and comfort and rock them. Try not to cry myself. What ever happened to a good long nap!?!?!?

5:30 - Get the table set nicely for our family dinner time. This is another one of my favorite times of day... the kids are so sweet when I make them something special. Tonight it's mashed sweet potatoes and turkey meatloaf with tomato-red pepper chutney. SO good! Will keeps saying over and over again, "Mommy, thank you for makin' me special dinner! I love you!"

5:45 - Start clearing the plates and picking up the inevitable thrown-food mess. *Le sigh.* This is still my least favorite task.

6:00 pm - Start to freak out. WHEN is bedtime again? Surely it has to be soon...!

7:00 pm - Decide to watch whatever show is on TV at that moment with all three kiddos in my lap for cuddle time. I have basic cable without any kind of DVR, so it's the luck of the draw. Decide against whatever weirdness is on at the moment, and throw in a Cook's Country dvd. Learning how to make something new is so much more productive than watching a sitcom, sometimes.

8:00 pm - Take the kiddos up to the room and rock each of them individually until they fall asleep. I become a human Ipod at this hour... singing whatever requests the kiddos come up with. Sometimes they ask me to switch mid-song. I am sure this whole proceeding would harm passers-by if the window was open. ;)

9:00 pm - FINALLY all are asleep, and I am able to go downstairs and pick up any errant toys and do a little scrubbing. I never knew how wonderful having an Ipod was until recently... now I can't clean without it! Silent for the kiddos, rockin' out for me. Perfect!

10:00 pm - Log into school online, work on some homework, and plan my week to accommodate the two papers I have to write. I'll likely head down to the Kroc with my computer so that I can work kid-free during my most productive time of day.

11:00 - Bursting at the seams inside, I decide to sit down and write a blog.

12:00 - Finish up the blog for proof-reading tomorrow, and roll into bed.

12:15 - Begin reading whatever book I have on my nightstand.

12:30 - Close my eyes, ready to start over tomorrow!


  1. I'm tired just reading that! =D You sure are rockin' it, girl! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. K, I'm back from my nap after reading your schedule ;) But I think that's the key - SCHEDULE! You're so good at keeping everything together and organized (or at least you're good at faking it till you make it!)

  3. Thanks Liz! And Mandi... I try to keep it organized but I HAVE to be flexible for when weird things happen. Like... this morning. Will got up early and took the remainder of his sippy cup and "painted" on the carpet. There are paintbrushes in the junk drawer for when I let them do watercolors... and he put two and two together and "entertained himself". I've learned to just deal with the chaos and try to build in time to handle emergencies. lol

  4. I just love you E! You are such a wonderful role model to your beautiful boys....I wish we were closer again!

  5. I wish I was, too! I miss you so much!

  6. Hi Erin, I found your blog while looking for helps to make some format changes to my own blog. I came to look at how you changed your fonts on the titles and dates, but stayed to read some of your blog.

    I haven't had a chance to read everything, but what I have read has touched me. You are amazing. May God bless you for sharing your life to help others.

  7. My favorite part: the twins saying " AMMMENN".

    It sounds like you are really taking the time to enjoy your boys and spend good time with them.

    I know I definitely don't do enough of that!

  8. Love your authentically real transparent living...

  9. Tamara - I'm so touched by your comment. Thank you. :)

    Kryste - that's my favorite part, too! :) The more I spend time with them, the quieter they are. It's absolutely necessary for me. ;)

    Julie - Thank you for your kind words. :)