Monday, January 11, 2010

A commitment to un-plug.

My biggest New Year's resolution is to un-plug myself from social networking and actually get out more. Shocking, YES!

In the last month, I've limited myself to an hour of "fun internet" a day. By the end of February, I want to reduce it to 15 minutes (Except Netflix, which I hope to see at least a movie a week! I'm not a saint! LOL).

After spending two years nearly completely house-bound, I'm getting cabin fever in the worst way. I love being home with my children, but I love coming home to it after a fun-filled day even MORE. This involves several sacrifices on my part, some of my sanity, a little extra cash and some steely courage included on that list. But, after going to the gym a couple of days per week (THANK YOU UNLIMITED CHILDCARE CARD!!!), I am feeling more and more capable of managing my kiddos out of my house. Small steps.

Instead of just "surviving" my days, I've started really enjoying time with my kids more. Spending time with them actually "WITH" them. Singing silly songs, dancing, telling pirate stories, building awesome lego castles... even just sitting with them on my lap on the floor. Anything that makes them smile seems like a good idea to me. I've noticed a lot of improvement in their attitudes and behavior. Their diet is healthy and natural, and I've been introducing even more veggies and fresh foods, which has also improved their moods and leveled out their blood sugar (resulting in less crazy/crash behavior). The reduction of sugar has been the biggest change for us, and that has helped me out a lot in managing their boy behavior.

Reducing the clutter in my home has been one of the biggest life changes propelling me, as well. I've been going closet-to-closet, room-to-room in an effort to streamline my daily living. I've gotten a large pile into the garage to take to charities and friends, and I'm looking forward to seeing THAT disappear! I want a picture of the pile before I do, though - in an effort to remind me of what even a little time away from my necessary tasks can create. BIG MONSTER. It will be much more easily managed with less time online.

How much are you willing to un-plug? Do you feel that internet access can sometimes create a "reclusive" personality in those with a tendency to be shy? Do you feel it's affected our society negatively?


  1. Good for you I am trying to do the same thing. I don't spend a lot of time online, but I always feel like some of it is wasted. having a little baby at home can be lonely.

  2. Erin-- I understand and relate COMPLETELY. We don't have the internet at home. Mostly due to finances, but I honestly don't really want it. It allows me to focus on SO many other things. I get trapped into the internet black hole and can stay their for hours...accomplishing NOTHING! I even limit my time with television. WE only have a antenna connection--so that helps, but it's amazing how productive I can be while bopping around the house to some good tunes.... and it's amazing how my children are actually able to sit and PLAY without needing constant entertainment! Their imaginations run wild!! Silly how we resort back to those forms of "entertainment" when all they are is a bad distraction from life.

    As always... I LOVE you!