Monday, January 11, 2010

The 15 minute wallow.

I am a subscriber to this great website - She is a genius! For those of us that grew up with hectic schedules, and for me personally, four brothers that perpetually destroyed the house, finding a firm routine is the best way to cut through the clutter and mess of life successfully. I thought she was limited to just cleaning.


She posted this great story about our emotional state, and I feel it's applicable for everyone.

ESPECIALLY SINGLE MOTHERS, AND ESPECIALLY ME!!! I have so much going on in my life that can turn negative, but with the right attitude, I can even turn THAT around. She sets a timer for how long she allows herself to WALLOW in her current misery. BRILLIANT! Feel it, experience the hurt, work through it and GET OVER IT!

I hope this helps y'all as much as it helped me. Of course, I incorporate God into the equation, too, and add "crying out to God" into my routine. After re-focusing on my priority, the Lord, my whole day turns around!


Dear Flylady...

...I've taken your 15 minute system and applied it to other things as well. The one that has really saved me is this.... when something happens and I'm feeling sad or blue about it - I set my timer for 15 minutes and really WALLOW. "Woe is me, how terrible" and I try to really get ridiculous in the self pity. Then my timer dings and I have to get the heck over it. So far I haven't made the full 15 minutes before laughing at how silly I'm being. Then I get up and go clean something for 15 minutes.

A good friend got some very bad news - her husband had had his hours reduced at work. She was really feeling sorry for herself and called me to complain. I set my timer and told her "Okay, you've got 15 minute to wallow and then you have to get over it" so we spent 15 minutes down in the dumps. The timer dinged and then I set it for 15 minutes again. We spent the next 15 minutes (and then some) coming up with a plan for her to make it through.

You really CAN do anything for 15 minutes!!!

Thank you for showing me how!



  1. Loving it, girlie! Isn't the flylady wonderful?? Have been a fan of hers since before there was fb!

  2. your attitude ALWAYS amazes me. I think I'll need to use that tomorrow... it's looking like a wallow-filled day for me....

    love ya!

  3. It works! Trust me!!! :)