Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Leaf.

I've been challenged to reflect on some things in my life I want to change, and turning over a "new leaf," so to speak, in the New Year.

I'm not one to shy away from looking at myself through a CLEAR lens, not one doctored up with either rose coloring or a dark cloud to obstruct the negative. I feel like I'm pretty realistic about both my strengths and my weaknesses.

Weakness: Being overly emotional.

Strength: Being tender enough to feel joy or sorrow when others cannot.

Weakness: Being overly energetic, to the point that it annoys people.

Strength: Having enough energy to keep up with my three boys and to get through the day.

Weakness: Being a dreamer.

Strength: Making my dreams become real.

Weakness: Writing stories in my head during real-life situations often distracts me from reality.

Strength: Learning to be an interesting storyteller.

In the year to come, I hope to become increasingly comfortable with who I am, and learn to accept my weaknesses as well as my faults. We can try to change certain aspects of ourselves, and fail miserably, because it simply is not WHO WE ARE. I want to magnify my strengths and live my life with joy and purpose, knowing that I am capable of handling what is ahead of me, because I have already successfully dealt with the challenges behind me.

Some small goals I want to accomplish in the New Year:

1. To finish my Associate's Degree in the spring (finally). *On my way... just one class left to meet my goal!*

2. To be even greater at ease with being alone. *This will be a work in progress.*

3. To make new friends. *Going to a new mommy group to find some kindred spirits.*

4. To attend a singles Bible study and get to know more people in my situation. *Found one, and my first time attending will be Jan 6!*

5. To have courage to speak up and go after what I want. *Again, a work in progress.*

6. To make working out a 3 day a week habit. *I've been going to spinning on Wednesday, now to find a Monday and Friday schedule!*

7. To streamline my daily life and my cleaning system. *On my way! I got some laundry hampers and other organizational things over Xmas to help my cause!*

I am on my way to a happier, better version of what I have been given, and I am truly excited for the year to come!!!


  1. Happy New Year girl!! I pray that God will bless all your efforts this year!! You are such a jewel and I just adore you!! I see no weaknesses... just beautiful strength!

  2. YAY!!! This is a wonderful list. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

    Oh, and one of my "weaknesses" is being too energetic as well. Funny.

  3. Hi,
    Somehow landed on your blog and am really impressed by your attitude, integrity and desire to build a meaningful life for yourself and your kids.
    Seen alot of women do the Silicone implant; date a million guy thing after a divorce & head off in completely the wrong direction.
    Did you grow up with a strong christian faith or has it developed recently and how do you "maintain" it?
    Spirituality is something i'm determined to learn more about and have become a part of my daily life.

  4. I didn't grow up as a Christian, though I grew up Catholic. It taught me a lot, but when I was 16 I began to learn what a personal relationship with Christ could do for my life, and nine years later I am nothing short of AMAZED with how HE led me through the awful things that happened to me in my "Christian" marriage. Incredible to me how God is faithful even when people we trust are not. I go to a weekly Bible study and they have a website that has downloadable studies ( The Bible has an attraction that makes me WANT to sit down and read it. I also put the verses that mean a lot to me all around my house, and seek the counsel of my Bible study leader, who has become like an adopted Dad to me. He always points me to a part of the Bible that directly explains what I am going through, and how God would have us handle it. The "fruit of the spirit" grows naturally with desiring to know God!