Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Improvement

It's 12:09 and I just finished tiling my laundry room. For real.

I had a long day of chemistry lecture, homework, preschool packing, unpacking, little boy quality time singing the "Go Diego Go" theme song at least 12 times, dishes, dinner, Costco trip, Home Depot, and watching a friend's kids.

I just HAD to do something for me.

Did I want to watch "The Bachelor"? No. Read? No. I wanted to complete a home improvement project! Sometimes I wonder about myself...

I started at around 9:30 just as soon as my little rustlers went to bed, and finished about 12:03. And, I couldn't be more proud. Peel and stick vinyl tile has come a long way, and for those of you wanting to inexpensively and easily cover up some ugly - check out my before and after:

Icky, icky cement floor with my washer and dryer (with a few tiles down - photo was an afterthought).

Beautiful, new peel and stick tile flooring! It only cost 25.00 to completely cover this area, and I have extras in case some get damaged. :)

I have a new washer and dryer coming in on Wednesday since this pair is about to bite the dust, and now the room is ready for its arrival. Can't wait! With as much laundry as I do, I absolutely need something that works well. 

All I had was a pair of kitchen shears, a pencil, a straight edge and my brain. Yep - it was awesome.  This weekend I plan on getting a new coat of paint on the wall if I have time, and to paint the pantry door.

Take that, icky floor! Super single mom, to the rescue!


  1. you are AMAZING. And ya know.. I often get inspired to do odd things after my rascals fall asleep. I started painting my kitchen at 11:05. ;)

  2. Haha - I do the same thing! It's the only time of day I *know* they won't scream and freak out mid-project. Ah, motherhood. hehe