Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grateful for Answers

My last post was frantic to say the least!

I was in a total panic, which I know can be a symptom of motherhood, about my kids and their well-being as well as how to balance that with my schedule. I prayed unceasingly for answers, and they came.

I needed to drop chemistry.

It was on online chem class (1st mistake), and I thought that because it is not my strong suit, studying at my own pace would be the better way to take it. However, with the lab reports and assignments and quizzes and a very old-fashioned, stodgy teacher, I quickly realized it wasn't working.

I talked to the financial aid department at my school to see if I even COULD drop the class, and they assured me that it wouldn't affect my standing at all, since I was maintaining over 66% of my credits.


So, disaster averted! Now that I have my new schedule, I feel so much more peaceful about the semester. I know I can handle this.

Even though I wasn't successful in what I originally set out to accomplish, sometimes it's more victorious to be able to assess where you are and make decisions that will be more advantageous in the long run.

After all, if I died tomorrow, would I be more content as a mother who had enough time to nurture her kids, or a mother who pushed herself beyond her stress limit just to accomplish her goal faster?

I'm in the midst of a blessing firestorm. Everywhere I look, God is either nurturing my heart or improving my circumstances. In every aspect of my life, I am oozing from my very core with humble gratefulness for His amazing blessings. Slowly but surely, the more I've turned to God for guidance (which I already felt like I did before!), the more I wholeheartedly submit to His will for my life, the more radiant my heart becomes.

I am thrilled that God is a part of my continuing journey in single motherhood, and that I have wonderful friends rooted in Christ to be there to celebrate with me!

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