Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"I Am" Poem

So, I've finished day one of school, and my very first assignment for my Intro To Elementary Education 201 class. It was mostly to introduce ourselves, to learn about ourselves through introspection, and to have something to look back on as time passes and we change. It's such a wonderful way to take a snapshot of *this* moment.

As single moms, or as women in general... we sometimes feel that our current circumstance NEEDS to change in order for us to be pleased with ourselves. Nothing will ever be perfect, and even when we strive for perfection, we so often come up short. This is a chance for an honest look at your heart, as it is, and I encourage you to complete your own! Share it with us! :)


I am ___________________________

I wonder
I hear
I see
I want

I am (repeat of line 1)

I pretend
I feel
I touch
I worry
I ask myself

I am (repeat line 1)

I understand
I believe
I dream
I trust
I hope

I am (repeat line 1)

Here is the poem I turned in:


I wonder about the world I left behind.
I hear the stillness and am thankful.
I see my children laughing, and know I made the right choice.
I want to comfort those who are hurting.

I am resilient.

I pretend not to cry so that I can bring joy instead of pain.
I feel the weight of responsibility, but do not bend.
I touch my son's face, looking up at me with pride.
I worry about the day when their innocent hearts learn the truth.
I ask myself if I would have done anything differently.

I am resilient.

I understand that I cannot save or protect others from themselves.
I believe in the healing power of prayer.
I dream that someday I will have a "complete" family, and a fulfilling career.
I trust that regardless of whether I achieve those goals, that I will be comforted.
I hope that I can always smile.

I am resilient.

Now it's your turn! Let's grow together. If you submit your poem in the comments section, you'll be automatically entered to win an 8 x 10 print of my photo, "Sunlight Path". :)



  1. Wow Erin,

    I love your poem! Are you sure your calling isn't to write poetry? I love how your sentences flow into one another and are connected rather than seperate thoughts. I believe you! I believe everything you said is honest and true about you. I believe that your son looks up at you with pride but I wonder if your next line implies that he truly doesn't know the truth about you. I don't know you but I find it hard to believe that you are one to hold truth back from him. Is there anything you would not want him to ask you in fear you would have to tell him the truth? If so, what are you afraid of? These are rhetorical questions. I wouldn't expect you to respond but I ask myself these same questions as well. What would I not want people to know about me and why? What am I afraid of? You encourage me!

  2. I really liked your poem, it definintly says a lot about who you are,but of course that was the purpose, right! I hope one day to be able to share the greatness in having a child myself, and I hope that I will have the courage and strength everyday the way you do.

    p.s. Its ok to cry everyonce in a while

  3. that was a really great poem! i can tell you put your whole heart in it!--

  4. I am ALIVE!

    I wonder where I will be in 5 years?
    I hear everything
    I see my dearest love,
    I want my life to mean something!

    I am ALIVE!

    I pretend things are perfect sometimes,
    I feel anxious for school
    I touch my puppy all the time!
    I worry constantly,
    I ask myself will i ever stop ?


    I understand i need to be conscious of my carbon footprint
    I believe in myself and those around me,
    I dream only during the day!
    I trust those closest to me,
    I hope everything I work for will come true!

  5. I'm totally breaking the rules but I'm ok with disqualification! Here is my poem:

    A goddess, She is
    Rarely seen is the depth of her psyche
    Sybaritic inner being
    She covets it
    Holds tight that place within her
    Revealing it only to the worthy, who are few
    Never promising to not shed tears
    Never apologizing for feeling
    Never running from confrontation
    Accepting her own confidence when others can’t
    Still reclusive in the swarm
    She is “just” a woman,
    A goddess, she is