Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Onward and Upward

I am convinced that "finding my purpose" has been the single biggest impact for the positive on my daily outlook and focus. I am increasingly thankful for God's word and for the guidance it has provided me, in spite of any challenges I've faced. I can only hope that I can be any measure of a blessing in the lives of others as a result of my trials.

Today I was brave enough to venture out and speak with my academic advisor for my new "job" as a "real" college student. It's one of those lovely, rainy days here in the Northwest. I enjoy these days more lately, now that school is out of session and I can do fun things with the kiddos indoors, make cozy food and have an excuse to stay home and clean house, that is, unless I have an important appointment.

My advisor is a single mom of 6 children, so when I voiced concern about the schedule with my children, she squelched those rapidly. "Well, sweetie, imagine being a single mom to six children.... it is no picnic, but I get through it!" She had no idea I was a single mother myself, and after revealing this to her, she was much more helpful and less judgemental of my hesitancy.

I brought all three of the boys with me to the advising session, at her request, and I am SURE that she regretted the suggestion as soon as they walked into the room. WHY they picked this one important day to act like Satan's spawn, I'll never know. I even brought Color Wonder markers and paper, race cars and snacks to keep them occupied.... nothing worked. The office lady offered balloons, no dice. Chaos continued to ensue, as well as the gradual loss of my waning sanity.

The advisor, once staunchly on my side, said, "I think this program will actually help you to learn a lot about how to manage your own children, too." Ouch. Thankfully, this isn't how they normally act, and was a REALLY off day, but I still felt terrible, nonetheless. Especially when they cracked her prized antique kaleidoscope. :/ In my defense, I don't think she should have had something so valuable on a shelf two feet from the floor and accessible to children, especially three wild boys that she invited in... but I was still mortified. I had to go over all the details of what I have left to accomplish before entry while playing defensive line and referee simultaneously, and need a program evaluation of what I've already completed, but I'm on my way.

I left apologizing all over myself, but in spite of the crazy, I'm still over the moon with excitement about getting started.


  1. I'm sorry, but I seriously laughed out loud at the "they cracked her prized antique kaleidoscope"! Of course they did! Why not!?!?! :)

    Go get 'em girl!!!

  2. Hahaha - I am laughing about it now, as best I can! LOL. It was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS with the boys.... :0