Thursday, November 7, 2013

Living Genuinely

Why is it that so many of us hide behind masks of our own design? When the world already works so hard to push us to conform to a mold of beauty, of femininity, of spirituality... why do we so readily accept this myth?

I live not so I can get something, or be something, but simply to enjoy the world around me and to work hard for the benefit of my family and those around me. All I ever ask or hope for is enough. Not abundance, just enough to live a normal life and give to charities that I love.

I do not want to waste my time with pursuits that are not God-centered. I don't obsessively diet or work out, and I don't spend thousands on my beauty routine. Now, don't get me wrong - I want to present my best self whenever possible, but I refuse to make beauty my "god" in this life. Feeling confident and using clothing as a form of expression is a joy, not a prison. I try to only have clothes that A. fit and B. that I love in my closet at any given time. I hang them on wood and velvet hangers and treat them with care. I buy investment pieces that I wear over and over and over again. This is one of my greatest joys - having things that make me smile when I put them on.

I work out to be healthy. I can outlast my sons in a plank contest, despite the fact that I'm not a single digit size. I run whenever I can, because I love it. I eat what I love, but try not to overindulge.

It's simple, really. To me, being genuine is being true to the gifts God has given me, using those for His glory, and living a simple existence.

And this, friends, is what causes my overwhelming, overflowing joy.

What are your greatest sources of joy?

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