Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blessings of Motherhood

Being a mom is a challenging job, but it's not without it's rewards.

These days, the rewards for me come in fistful of dandelions, sloppy kisses on the cheek, unabashed declarations of love every five minutes, and hugs that squeeze me so tightly I think they actually hurt.

Someday, those rewards will be simply a card in my mailbox on an otherwise silent day.

Being a single mother is definitely fraught with challenges. There is never enough money, time or energy to accomplish what we hope to achieve for our kids: "a normal life". But, as one of my friends at home group said, "How many of us actually came from a traditional nuclear family?" Of those "normal families", how many develop empathy to the level which our children learn? Perseverance? Emotional strength? Knowing the importance of showing each other how much we care?

I'm increasingly grateful for every twist and turn my life has taken. Being made aware of just what I'm capable of is probably the most freeing thing of all.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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  1. Words I needed to hear! I am always feeling inadequate and like a failure raising my kids in a broken home. These words made me realize that I have been lied to. How great to know that my children will grow up understanding what its like to be compassionate and the ability to persevere. Awesome perspective!