Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Momma Must-Haves!

I've been formulating this list for quite a while, and I'll have to update it often. :)

Here are some things I find utterly indispensable as a mother:

A handheld shower with a hose! If your kids do something disgusting to themselves, or are sick.... this is such help to "hose them down" with nice, soothing warm water. It's also nice for us moms when we want to thoroughly wash our hair quickly, or when we're cleaning the tub!

Secondly, I love my Amazon Prime membership! Tons of free movies, free shipping on select items, and lots of other benefits. Saves me tons on products I need, AND I get them delivered to my door in 2 days! No running around the store with my kids and forgetting what I went for in the first place. :)

Another thing I've found helpful is a good quality food processor. If you have kids, you know the price of healthy foods can be astronomical! I buy veggies in bulk from Costco, and then process them immediately upon arriving home (what I am not planning on using right away). Sliced, shredded, bagged and frozen, it makes everything so easy when making meals! I also pre-bag "convenience" meals to slap into the crock pot on busy days. A little planning makes a lot of difference! I also made all of my own baby food, and now my kiddos are EXCELLENT eaters!

My last tip for today will be the Little Green Machine. Singlehandedly, the smartest investment I've made in my carpets and upholstery! It can clean car carpets, spills on the floor in your home, and scrub spots on your couches to perfection. SO worth the price! Just ONE trip out from the pros will cost you more than this little machine, and it fits nicely in a closet next to your vacuum!

What tips do you have to share?


  1. help! i need advice. (and this seriously isn't an advertisement). can you read my blog, and read my latest entry? i'm seriously needing help with these decisions regarding school, etc.

  2. I'll definitely give it a read and pray about some advice. :)