Monday, October 31, 2011

Newest Adventure

Life continues to surprise me. :)

I'm in the midst of one of the busiest semesters I've had thus far. Education majors have lots of busy work in their curriculum, likely to prepare us for the large volume of simple tasks we'll have as educators. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed every day, but I'm more determined than ever to simply put one foot in front of the other.

The boys have been going to preschool just two and a half precious hours per day two days a week (three days for Will), and it's been a great opportunity for me to get some basic tasks done, such as grocery shopping. My school work is accomplished from 9pm-12, 1, or 2 in the morning. Not my best hours for feeling alert and productive! To be honest, I'm behind. I'm never behind.

My latest adventure is simply accomplishing everything I have in front of me with grace. Incredibly simple, but SO difficult! I've made a goal to never leave dishes in the sink, to keep the laundry bin as empty as possible, and to be 100% dedicated to playing with the kids during the day and doing homework when they're asleep at night. I've also made a commitment to myself to NOT accept too many invitations, NOT overwhelm myself with tasks, and NOT miss a single Bible study during the week (I'm currently attending three!). I love being around my friends who have a similar faith - it helps ground me in my own.

It's a difficult sacrifice, but I've noticed it paying off! They're becoming little boys now instead of toddlers.... it's such a beautiful thing!

What has been your latest adventure?


  1. I do understand you:) I am in my last semestar ..trying to maintain my organic farm raising a child and partner away for longer periods of time..but somehow we will manage right?:)

  2. Dzoli - you rock! I can't imagine the work it takes to manage a farm.... my small garden and chickens are enough work! :)

  3. Keep up the great work it is not easy juddling it all I know from personal experience. But hang it there it will all be worth it in the end

  4. It certainly will! Hard work always pays off - even if it isn't in ways that we can see physically. :)