Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maintaining Momentum

I'm doing it all, but just barely!

I have several large projects going on right now. I'm training for my first marathon in May (since mid-February), I'm in the last weeks of school for the semester, gearing up for summer semester, finishing up some started plants inside, caring for the chickens, spring cleanup in the yard (which is a large undertaking for me because I live in the country surrounded by trees - a lot of leaves and branches!), the blog, photography clients, a weight loss challenge with friends and most importantly, raising my sons to be good citizens and kind-hearted men. It may sound like a lot, and it is. But, someone once told me, "If you want something done, ask the busiest person you know." I'm that kind of person - the more I do, the more I CAN do.

I've gotten some major milestones out of the way this week as well. I've planned my academic calendar for the next two years with my university advisor (and finally have a graduation date- Fall 2013!), arranged for preschool for all three boys next year much closer to my house and for 1/3 of the price I was paying previously, I've begun booking for summer photography events, and arranged for my summer classes to be taken online instead of in person so I can stay home with the boys and spend the summer taking them to our local theme park, just five minutes away, and to California (and Disneyland) to visit family.

The struggle these days is just to maintain the momentum I went into the semester with, and to finish strong. I'm also training myself to do that with my running.

This is all new to me - I've NEVER been a runner. In cheerleading, I was always the LAST one back on the lap around the school, which was all we did. I am pretty sure asthma contributed to it, but now that I have that under control, I want to conquer it. I began with 3 miles at a time of jogging/walking, and I'm up to 6 miles run/jogging at this point. It feels incredible. I took on outdoor running for the first time down the country road by my house, and it was amazing.

You see and experience your surroundings in a whole new way when you're on foot. The clouds were big and puffy, with the backdrop of a bright blue sky and sunshine, the weather was a cool but comfortable 60 degrees, and the fields are beginning to turn a bright emerald green from all the rain and milder temperatures. Just the feeling of the warm sun on my face, the lively, happy music on my iPod, and the new pair of running shoes on my feet made me feel like I could soar. So many things are coming together, for me and for my sons. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. In my marriage, there were so many things that I was told I couldn't do or shouldn't do (like school or wearing the color brown), and I feel set free in so many ways. My sole focus remains raising great children and nurturing my spirit with His guidance. To do His work. To learn His lessons, and accomplish His goals. I can do all of this now without hindrance or worry.

I couldn't help but praise God the entire time for the feeling of joy consuming my spirit as I glided past farms, fields, streams and the occasional deer. Flowers are beginning to emerge now that spring is approaching, and I felt just like that - a woman ready to bloom.


  1. Your post was so amazing!!! I loved your ending - a woman ready to bloom. Absolutely. I can absolutely relate.

    The feeling you are describing - I find is true for so many women who are single moms who came out of less than ideal relationships. Once we grieve the loss, and regroup ... we begin to set goals and choose NOT to settle for less than what we want out of life. What we want for ourselves, what we want for our children.

    Being a single parent can be a powerful experience. And, I'm so glad you are sharing how that is so for you!!

    I've started a blog as well and I'd like to invite everyone to check it out!


    Best of luck, Erin! I will be reading your blog often ... I think we all need a sisterhood :-)


  2. Kris - I'm so glad you can relate to that feeling!!! It's more than I could have ever wished or hoped for. I try to live daily with the end result in mind, happy, well-adjusted kids and independence. :)

    I'll definitely be checking out your blog! Best wishes!