Saturday, January 1, 2011

Same old new year!

First day of 2011 - and I particularly like the date - 1/1/11. At home it was a gorgeous, sun-shining, snow-covered day. Days like these are my favorite in the winter. I'm increasingly grateful for my wonderful little home and the people that enter it as friends. The landscape today was so breathtaking that I was instantly filled with joy just looking outside. While it's a pain to shovel, it sure does make everything somewhat magical. The way it sparkled in the sunlight.... *sigh*.

While so many people went out on the town, living it up (like I did last year), I had not only unexpected illness to keep me indoors but also had no desire to be anywhere but home. I'm so happy and totally at peace this year, and being here makes my heart full. I played Hungry Hungry Hippos until my abs hurt from laughing at these dear, competitive boys, made Sprite and OJ drinks for the little guys, and put them to bed at their usual time to enjoy some peace and quiet for myself. I cleaned, I read while enjoying a glass of perfect wine, caught up on some organizing, and prayed. A lot.

They were mostly prayers of praise and thankfulness. Just enduring the difficulty of divorce and coming out on the other side of the damage from the anvil's drop largely unscathed was enough for me. I wake up every day now with such a sincere joy. A hope that cannot be doused. I know, without a doubt, that making it through that dark time taught me so many ways to cope with difficulty and pain, that I feel ready for whatever life throws my way. Granted, I know it won't be easy, but the most important thing I absorbed was the knowledge that "Tomorrow is another day," and I don't have to carry what happened yesterday into my tomorrows.

This year, I have a greater sense of calm and peace than I have ever had. I joyfully look forward to what today holds, and hope to simply exist with gladness regardless of what my circumstances hold throughout the year. I'm very much the same, and 1/1/11 is just another day, but I am grateful that the New Year will be full of new blessings and experiences that are yet unknown.

So, the first day in my new year has nothing to do with resolutions, flashy goals or lofty expectations. I'm simply moving one step at a time in the direction that I feel is best for me and my boys. Nourishing my soul. Building their character. Securing our future.

Just a simple, normal, everyday life.

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