Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daily Comfort Rituals

As mothers (and as women in general), we so often take care of others that we can tend to forget the value of self-care. What have you done for YOU today?

Being that life can be so crazy for me, especially with three little guys, I try to set aside 30 minutes a day of strict ME time. Either when they go to bed or before they wake up, I dream up something little that is accessible here in the house and make my own mini-sanctuary for a time.

Sometimes it's a bathtub and a bottle of wine. Others it's a book and some quiet music before bed. Still others it's a morning outdoors with a hot cup of coffee watching the sunrise. In the summertime, it's time with my iPod and my garden, weeding and pruning and staking. One of my favorites is when the kids take an unexpected nap (those are rare these days), and I get to snuggle up in bed for a mid-afternoon nap. Of course, I have to set the alarm for 30 minutes, otherwise my sleep schedule would be completely thrown off!

Other things that I enjoy:

Catching up on my favorite blogs.
Reading a new magazine.
Sorting through my clothes to keep things I use most (saves headaches later and organization makes me smile).
Planning a future activity (garden for spring, a home project).
Giving myself a foot massage.
Light a candle and write in my journal.
Pick up some music online for my iPod - I rarely do this for myself!
Wash my sheets in a deliciously scented laundry soap (like white lilac).
Eating chocolate. Simple yet effective.
Spraying perfume in my room before I go to bed.
Reading by the window.
Filling my bird feeders (if you don't have one, get some!).
Organize old family photos.
Sing and dance along to some happy music for absolutely no reason.

What are some things you enjoy? Consider making a list of favorites to put on your fridge, so that when you're feeling the "mommy blues" or just down in the dumps, you'll give yourself the lift you need to keep on keepin' on!


  1. I was a blog hopper today.........enjoyed my stay........praying for you and your precious family......trusting that the Lord will continue to give direction as you raise those adorable "guys" with HIM!

    Blessings from my is obvious that the "joy of the Lord is your strength."

  2. Thank you, Linda! You just made my day. <3