Thursday, July 16, 2009


Life is meant for change. We are never the same as we were. Every day that we age brings about another new challenge. Whether it be one more wrinkle, a painful circumstance or a totally new location - the Lord meant for life to be a challenge to draw him closer to us. Thinking of Job gives me so much encouragement. Our life changes are so minor compared to his - however difficult they may seem.

God challenges us every day to either accept our circumstances or fight against them in misery. I choose to accept. I choose to look at what he lays out before me and understand what His purpose is for me in dealing with it. Most importantly, I strive to deal with them in a way that is fitting of God's desire for my life, even though I frequently fail (thanks to my ever present humanness...).

Praise God for his ever-present faithfulness to us in our lives, even as we struggle to handle the weight and difficulty of our days.

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